William Wheelen is a candidate in the Republican primary elections for Florida State Senate district 26, which includes a large part of Palm Beach county.  This website details and exposes his criminal record, and organizes it into a format easily readable by the public.  Additionally, you can click the the discussion board link on the top menu where anyone can read, share, and comment on, additional information, concerns, history, and records, regarding Bill Wheelen.  If Bill Wheelen wins the republican primaries, he would certainly lose to his opposing democrat in the general election due to his criminal history.  The democrats need a worthy republican challenger.   It is the call of duty of Palm Beach County’s republican voters to VOTE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS on August 23, 2022, to ensure that William Wheelen, with his criminal history, does NOT qualify to represent the republican party.  Anybody BUT Bill.  

Please browse this website and the discussion board to inform yourself with the details and records of Bill Wheelen’s history, that you may make an informed decision.  If you have any questions, feel free to post in the discussion board/forum.

William Wheelen’s Criminal Record

Arrest Records:

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Read Wheelen’s arrest records directly from Arrests.org here:

FINRA Records:

Read Wheelen’s records directly from the FINRA website here: